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Virtual Name Connect is the digital platform of We Grow Forest Foundation that provides sustainable digital networking solutions to individuals and businesses. We enable entrepreneurship and help in building profitable businesses in an eco-friendly way.

Our simple digital solutions are our clients’ most excellent marketing tools. We help companies, social enterprises, nonprofits, and other organisations make a social presence, build networks, adapt nature-friendly work culture, and sustainably contribute to nation-building.

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No need for an App!

Create your InfiCard

Going digital is better for both networking and the planet we live in!

InfiCard, The Digital Business Card is completely germfree since no physical contact is required to send or receive during this pandemic. It is always handy whenever you need them, and you’ll never run out, and no need to order more.

Create and Share your InfiCard if you are looking for instant connectivity and the fastest networking with your work contacts, clients or customers, and with your friends.

We feel honoured to be recognised

Chairwoman – Dr Meera Asmi, receiving the Innovation Excellence Award 2021 for We Grow Forest Foundation’s Digital Platform Virtual Name Connect from Smt. J. Chinchu Rani, Hon. Minister, Government of Kerala.

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Award Ceremony

A Green Initiative of We Grow Forest Foundation

Let’s Create a Sustainable World

Creating Sustainable Digital Solutions

Here’s How We Can Help You


Digital Business Cards

Digital Business Cards for instant connection and networking. Share your contact in a hygienic and eco-friendly way.


Digital Invitation Cards

Infidate is a digital invitation card for every occasion, from birthdays to weddings, from announcements to retirement parties, and much more.


Digital CVs

Digital Curriculum Vitae for instant career engagements, to convert every chance into an opportunity.


Digital Enterprise Cards

InfiSolutions enable organisations to provide employees with digital business cards for interactive, professional,and unlimited exchanges.


Digital Connecting Directories

Digital Directories for better Customer Relationship Management and finding the right support at the right time and place.


Digital Membership Cards

Digital Membership Cards for easy access & administration, lead generation, improved database management & promoting brand loyalty.

International Conferences & Events

Conferences and Events Management primarily focusing on topics contributing to sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.

Coworking Spaces

Eco-friendly Coworking Spaces for the nature lovers to work in harmony – breathing fresh air, accompanied with organic snacking options and fully digital booking facilities.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management for you, your business, product, or brand.  We create relevant social posts, engage your audience, and grow your brand globally.


Digital Clubs

Digital Clubs for people to socialise freely, reducing administrative works for starting and maintaining a membership system.

Crowdfunding Platform

Online Crowdfunding to support a right cause, idea, or plan – Where ideas grow into global projects, with everyone helping everyone to grow and achieve goals.

Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy services to all – solo entrepreneurs to large enterprises – expertise shared on all levels starting from idea conception stage to business expansions.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts to show your employees that their efforts are appreciated, cared for and to celebrate together achievements and milestones.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms is our dream project where we envision free, quality, skill-based education for everyone.

Redefining Value in Business

Virtual Name Connect listens carefully, engages stakeholders, collects adequate data and analyses your needs. This allows us to provide you with value-added services tailored for your specific goals while also understanding available resources and the capacity to execute these strategies.

A socially connected, environmentally aware society will form a more inclusive and regenerative economy. Sustainability is the keyword in everything we do – ranging from choosing a piece of furniture to arranging international conferences.

Digital transformation in businesses and other organisations is imperative and inevitable. No matter how big or small, when digitally-abled and data-driven, a workplace can achieve success in this transition.

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Do you want to know how much CO2 your printed business card produces?

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Green Zone

Green Zone

Turning profits is no longer the only thing businesses focus on nowadays. In today’s competitive environment, a balance sheet doesn’t judge how a company works; their success is also measured by their environmental footprint, ethics they follow, how they treat people, and contributions to society. To simplify it, an organisation’s commitment to overall sustainability determines its success.

Our Greening Efforts

We Grow Forest Foundation aims to reduce the carbon footprint produced due to deforestation through this platform and work relentlessly for reforestation and urban forestry.

Printing paper business cards, resumes, directories, brochures, and catalogues can increase the Carbon footprint. Switching to Digital Business Cards will save our planet from global warming and reduce carbon emissions. Millions of trees are cut down each year for printing material for business purposes. We offer you simple contact sharing digital cards, which helps to improve businesses, build quality connections at the same time, reduce environmental footprint.

All our offices, conferences, and events are equipped with energy-efficient operating systems, and our recycling strategy is focused on building sustainable items that aren’t harming nature.

We help you become more sustainable and resilient

Digitalising helps reduce the environmental footprint of every organisation and motivates people to be more committed to the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by United Nations.


We are making a difference.

Let’s trace nature’s footsteps.


United Nations SDGs and Virtual Name Connect

The SDGs are a unique opportunity for all of us to create a better world. We focus on the following goals to show our commitment to the world.
SDG 11
SDG 13
SDG 17

Our Clients

We Grow Forest Foundation is proud to partner with organisations that share a commitment to building a sustainable and environment friendly future. We have always created scalable client-centric solutions that have translated into immediate business impact. We love our positive thinking partners and help them spread green consciousness and empower them to move the sustainable way of life.